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Hike with donkeys.
Whether you’re young or old, hiking with donkeys is like nothing else. We’ll be happy to share this unique way of visiting our region!
1-    “La Charmille” in close collaboration with Bataill’âne have special offers on riding donkeys. Close to our B&B, you’ll have a choice of 3 different routes, rates ranging from 5 euros to 15 euros.
2-    You can always try our walks on a carriage:
            •    with Bataill’âne (5 € per person)
            •    along the river Sumene for a longer route (35€ with the carriage, 2 donkeys-drawn carriage). This is at least a 2 hours walk.
Bee houses.
La Charmille also offers specials on bee hives tour to discover the life of bees and the inside of a hive. You will know everything on bees, honey storage, pollen or drones.  
Protecting suits are available but you will need not to be alergic to bee stings to be able to participate.
15 € for 1 person or 20 € for two.